Portland Winemakers Club Members 1


There’s an abundance of home winemaking expertise within the Portland Winemakers Club and it reflects the members’ ingenuity and commitment towards making great wines.

PWC members have won awards with their wines. They’ve converted their basements and garages into effective work spaces. It seems they’re always filling, managing and rotating wine through barrels. Or carboys. Occasionally, they even re-cooper barrels.

For some, winemaking isn’t enough and they’re growing their own grapes. Others have taken their winemaking to the commercial level, you might already know them.

Whether they’re new to home winemaking or have years of experience, Portland Winemakers Club members are passionate about making wine and supporting each other along the way.

But don’t take our word for it, we invite you to attend a PWC meeting and get to know these winemakers for yourself!