Portland Winemakers Club Membership 1

M E M B E R S H I P 

Portland Winemakers Club emphasizes the continuing education and support of its members as successful home winemakers.

In addition to the many learning opportunities offered within the club, active members receive information regarding organized wine competitions and collective grape purchases. Other winemaking resources include the extensive experience of PWC members and the club’s list of local and online support.

Members pay an annual dues of $15 per person and sign the PWC Indemnity Waiver. There is an additional charge of $15 per person (per event) for attending the club’s Summer Picnic and Winter Gala.

Payments may be made and Indemnity Waivers signed at PWC meetings and events, or by contacting PWC’s Treasurer, Barb Thomson.

All home winemakers, novice to experienced, are welcome to join PWC and benefit from membership.

•••  C O M P E T I T I O N S  •••

PWC members have been participating in local, regional and national amateur winemaking competitions for over 30 years.

Historically, the members have done very well, earning numerous first, second and third place medals as well as many “Best In Show” awards.

Upcoming competitions and entry details are announced through PWC meetings, the club’s monthly newsletter and this website. For more information about competitions, contact the club’s Chairman of Competitions, Don Robinson.

• • •

Some competitions PWC members have entered include:

• Clark County Fair, WA

• Newport Seafood & Wine Festival, OR

• Oregon State Fair, OR

• Washington State Fair, WA

• Willamette Valley Amateur Winemaker’s Society, OR 

• Cellarmasters of Los Angeles, CA

• WineMaker Magazine’s International Amateur Wine Competition 

• American Wine Society

Portland Winemakers Club Membership 2
Portland Winemakers Club Membership 3

•••  P W C  L E A D E R S H I P  •••

President:  Phil Bard

Secretary:  Ken Stinger

Treasurer:  Barb Thomson

Competitions:  Paul Boyechko

Grape Purchases:  Bob Hatt

Education:  Barb Stinger

Tours:  Damon Lopez

Events:  Marilyn Brown & Alice Bonham

Club Tastings:  Bill Brown

Website Design:  AliceDesigns

• • •

PWC Leadership can be reached though the Contact page.